Our Stories

Our Stories

 Boston Builds Credit is mobilizing a movement to make credit work for everyone. Our community partners have connected with residents of the community to help them through their path in realizing their financial goals. We have gathered real life perspectives and testimonials of community members who have participated in our initiatives. View some of the testimonials below to learn more about Boston Builds Credit’s impact on the community.

Jerimyah’s Credit Building Journey

Jerimyah was 18 when he got his first credit card. After going throught a difficult experience in the early stages of his financial journey Jerimyah connected with Boston Builds Credit. Watch his story below, and read more about his path to improving his credit.

Community Testimonials

We’re helping Boston residents achieve prime credit scores, build wealth, and remove barriers to success. Since 2017, we have seen several occasions where people have pursued their financial goals by connecting with financial coaches and our partner orgazinations. Here are some success stories from Boston Builds Credit.

Cynthia’s path to becoming a BBC network leader.

Cynthia had always been a stickler when it came to credit. With a credit score in the 800s, she prioritized paying bills that could adversely affect her credit score, even when that meant forgoing important family purchases. “My score was a little too important to me,” she admits. Read Cynthia's Story Here

How Maria Catalina turned financial education into power.

When Maria Catalina talks about her credit-building journey, the notion of “education” comes up often. Her own financial education began in her native Colombia. When she arrived in the U.S. five years ago, she found a much different financial landscape than the one she’d left behind. Read Maria Catalina's Story Here.

How Stephanie utilized CCCBI to build her understanding of credit.

Stephanie didn’t know much about credit. For years, her credit scored hovered around 500, and her plans to pursue higher education and buy a home felt out of reach.  “Everything in America is built on credit, like buying a house, getting a job;  you can’t do those things without good credit.” Read Stepahnie's Story Here.

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