Vision & Mission

Learn about Boston Builds Credit's core values, vision and mission.

Vision & Mission

BBC’s Vision Statement

BBC envisions a Boston where all residents, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, are empowered to reach their financial goals without systemic and institutional barriers to success.

BBC’s Mission

Boston Builds Credit is mobilizing a citywide movement to close the racial wealth gap by fostering financial resilience, dismantling systemic and institutional inequities, and making credit accessible to all Bostonians. Drawing together partners from all sectors of civic lifeincluding residents, communitybased organizations, public officials, businesses, and financial institutionswe’re breaking down barriers, advancing safe and affordable credit building products, and empowering Boston residents to achieve a prime credit score and build wealth. We’re doing this by focusing on credit building as a key component of the journey toward financial success.

Core Values

Pursue racial and economic justice: We pursue antiracist practices and policies within BBC and work to break down systemic and institutional barriers to wealth building and shared prosperity. We use the credit system to foster racial and economic justice, contribute to our economic wellbeing, and improve the lives of Boston residents, particularly those who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

Be accountable: We ensure integrity by being transparent, responsive and accountable to residents, partner organizations, donors andthe community at large.

Achieve impact: We pursue ambitious, meaningful systems changes that lead to access, opportunity and inclusion. We make data-informed decisions and focus on long-term success

Center community:  We amplify the voices of Boston residents, especially those who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color, who have been historically excluded from the economic system. Community members are empowered to identify community priorities and create culturally responsive solutions. Access to credit is not just about the welfare of individuals and families: It impacts the financial health of entire communities – especially in Boston, where neighborhoods of color have been disproportionately impacted by exclusionary financial practices and policies.

Work collaboratively: We are a collective impact initiative that draws together partners from all sectors—residents, business, government, non-profits and financial institutions—to advance our vision and mission. We strive to listen respectfully and learn from one another.

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