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Financial Coaching

Financial coaches in the Boston Builds Credit network can help you reach your financial goals by working with you to identify your goals, build your credit, create a spending/savings plans, address challenges, and prepare you to manage your own finances.

Boston Builds Credit is connected to local coaching partners and virtual coaching partners. Read more about our partners below and find a coaching match that works for you.

Credit Building Counseling

Working Credit NFP

Working Credit is a not-for-profit organization that offers a free alternative to high-priced credit repair. Their confidential, one-on-one Credit Building Counseling helps consumers build (or re-build) strong credit scores and reap the benefits — low interest rates on car loans and mortgages, access to quality rental housing, and more. To learn about Working Credit or to sign up for a one-on-one counseling appointment, click here.

Boston Area Financial Coaching Networks

Center for Working Families

 7 Palmer St, Roxbury, MA 02119

T: (617) 541-2671 | Contact: Alan Gentle

Getting ahead can be difficult. That’s why the Center for Working Families offers FREE services to help you meet your financial goals, whatever they are. Need help building your credit score? Saving money for emergencies? Paying down debt? Buying a home?  The RCFE can help! Our expert staff can work with you in one-on-one coaching sessions or in topic-based workshops, in English or Spanish.

Specialties:  Financial Coaching, Homebuyer Readiness

Languages: English, Spanish

Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

587 Washington Street Dorchester, MA 02124

T: (617) 825-4224 ext:134 | Contact: Keyna Samuel

CSNDC seeks to enable Codman Square residents the knowledge and resources to achieve financial security and self-sufficiency. We offer a series of programs to help people develop the skills necessary to oversee their finances, navigate challenging financial times, and effectively manage their assets and wealth. This includes Financial Fitness workshops and individual financial coaching.

Specialties:  Small Business, Foreclosure Prevention, Homebuying 

Languages: English, Haitain Creole

Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation

31 Germania Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 

T: (617) 522-2424  | Contact: Paola Liendo

Based in Boston’s Jamaican Plain, JPNDC is dedicated to building equity and prosperity in Boston through affordable housing, asset building and lifting up new leaders. Through expert financial and career coaching, JPNDC can help you with an array of financial wellness areas including credit building, debt reduction, and budgeting/savings. Access the link below to learn more about JPNDC’s family prosperity services or sign up for financial coaching.

SpecialtiesFinancial Coaching, Employment Coaching, Small Business

Languages: English, Spanish

Neighborhood of Affordable Housing

143 Border St, East Boston, MA 02128 

T: (617) 567-5882  | Contact: Nathalie Kallab Racimo

 Of their many initiatives, NOAH particularly focuses on increasing access to affordable housing and creating social and economic opportunities. Based in East Boston, they provide free 1-on-1 personalized coaching with one of their certified financial coaches to review your current finances, identify resources and plan the steps needed to help you reach your financial goals. To learn more, click the sign up link to access NOAH’s family prosperity services or sign up for financial coaching.

Specialties:  Financial Capability, Homebuying

Languages: English, Spanish

National Coaching & Counseling Networks

Coordinated Assistance Network

 Established in 2011, the Coordinated Assistance Network’s mission is to meet the demands of the changing world we live in with a goal of making people’s lives better. The CAN is dedicated to closing the gap of health equity through a number of pillars, which empowers service providers to deliver sound remedies no matter the applicants social, economic, demographic or geographic differences. To learn more or to apply to connect with a financial coach, click here.

American Consumer Credit Counseling

ACCC is a non-profit organization primarily focused on financial literacy and credit counseling. ACCC offers several services including Debt Management Counseling (DMP). ACCC’s cost of services range from free to low cost and they partner with the client to assess their situation and needs.  This may be a “one-off” coaching session answering questions, providing education, tips or referrals.


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