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Our coaching network can help you start building credit today!

Financial Coaching

Boston Builds Credit offers workshops to introduce credit building and other wealth-building topics. Financial coaches within our network will work with and guide you on your credit-building journey.

Financial coaches at BBC partner organizations throughout Boston can help you reach your financial goals by working with you to identify your goals, create a spending and savings plan, access safe credit-building tools, address challenges, and prepare you to manage your own finances when you’re ready.

External Coaching Networks

Working Credit

Working Credit NFP was created to help people build a strong credit score and take advantage of the benefits. With Credit Building Counseling, they have resources to help you achieve your financial goals. Working Credit NFP provides one-on-one support, know-how, and the right tools, that can help change financial situations. To learn more about Working Credit NFP or to connect with their resources, click here.

Coordinated Assistance Network

 Established in 2011, the Coordinated Assistance Network’s mission is to meet the demands of the changing world we live in with a goal of making people’s lives better. The CAN is dedicated to closing the gap of health equity through a number of pillars, which empowers service providers to deliver sound remedies no matter the applicants social, economic, demographic or geographic differences. To learn more or to apply to connect with a financial coach, click here.

American Consumer Credit Counseling

ACCC is a non-profit organization primarily focused on financial literacy and credit counseling. ACCC offers several services including Debt Management Counseling (DMP). ACCC’s cost of services range from free to low cost and they partner with the client to assess their situation and needs.  This may be a “one-off” coaching session answering questions, providing education, tips or referrals. Please contact Peter Mullen, Community Education Supervisor and Certified Credit Counselor for assistance: | Website:

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