Did you know that 1 in 3 Bostonians has a low or no credit score?

Try taking these steps to build good credit!

the rules and tools of credit building, and how credit impacts our life decisions

our credit scores with easy actions, and get the best deals on products and services

to trusted community resources that can help us reach financial goals

One-on-one Coaching

and other resources available at our partner organizations

Save Money

for financial needs and goals by building good credit

A Citywide Movement

to strengthen communities and support residents

Start today!

Want to build good credit? Find out how at a free workshop at the Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment or at one of our partners.

Test your knowledge: what can affect a credit score?

A. Income
B. Always paying a phone bill on time
C. Amount of money owed
D. Using a debit card


Amount of money owed!