CCCBI: Community College Credit Building Initiative

Under the umbrella of Boston Builds Credit (BBC), the Community College Credit Building Initiative (CCCBI) is offering comprehensive credit building services to young adult Bostonians at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) and Roxbury Community College (RCC) to learn the basics of credit, improving their financial skills and gaining control of their finances.


CCCBI financial empowerment coaches are here to help YOU with your financial needs, including navigating the pandemic, building savings, budgeting, and of course, credit building! Coaches are here to share ideas, guidance, and to help you understand your options. Read on below to talk about connecting with a financial coach or attending a webinar.



CCCBI coaches can help you: 

  • Review your credit, learn to manage credit cards,
    use credit-building tools

  • Reduce debt and/or increase savings

  • Understand how to navigate the U.S financial

  • Develop and maintain healthy financial habits

  • Work towards accomplishing your financial
    life goals

  • And much more!

Questions? Ready to meet with one of our coaches? 


 Join one of our interactive webinars to get tips on how to get a head start on your financial success.

March Webinars: schedule to be announced shortly

  • Beyond credit: more than just a score: this webinar will introduce you to credit scores and how to build yours! 

    • For Roxbury Community College ​students: 3/9/2021. Register here

    • For Bunker Hill Community College students: 3/10/2021. Register here.

  • Understanding your taxes: this webinar will help you understand how to file your taxes. 

    • For Roxbury Community College ​students: 3/30/2021. Register here

    • For Bunker Hill Community College students: 3/31/2021. Register here

  • Spend for Success: How to create a spending plan so that you can achieve your financial goals.:

    • For Roxbury Community College ​students: 3/23/2021. Register here

    • For Bunker Hill Community College students: 3/25/2021. Register here


Roadmap CCCBI PNG.png

JJ's story:

JJ began his financial coaching journal last May. His goals are to improve credit, properly budget income, and increase savings. In early June, after learning the fundamentals of credit and reviewing his credit report, he decided to pay off the credit card debt as well as lower the credit utilization ratio. July 9th, JJ informed his coach he had paid off the balance on 2 credit cards by saving from cell phone bills and car insurance. Meanwhile, he also compared the interest rate across auto loan providers and planning to refinance for a better rate and term. After 3 months of coaching, JJ’s credit score has increased from 593 to 666. His credit utilization ratio has improved from 78% to 21%.

JJ Success Story.jpg
DM Success Story.jpg

DM's story: 

DM has been part of CCCBI since February this year. The first thing he said in his initial session with his coach were "I want to increase credit score". To accomplish this, he learned how to use credit cards as credit score building tools. He learned how calculate his credit utilization ratio, which he was not aware of prior to financial coaching. He obtained a secured credit card with a financial institution. He is committed to ensuring that he doesn’t charge more than $60 per month on his new  secured credit card (to stay below 30% utilization). Moreover, he is committed to paying his statement balance on his secured card for the next 4 months so that he can then request a credit limit increase once he has had the card for 6 months, thereby improving his credit utilization even further. His credit has improved from 620 to 660.