Our Stories

Testimonials detailing the impact of Boston Builds Credit on the community.

Our goal is to make credit work for everyone.

Read testimonials from community members that have connected with Boston Builds Credit.

We’re helping Boston residents achieve prime credit scores, build wealth, and remove barriers to success. Since 2017, we have seen several occasions where people have pursued their financial goals by connecting with financial coaches and our partner orgazinations. Here are some success stories from Boston Builds Credit.

Jerimyah's Credit Building Journey

By Marcia Tabenken

Jeremiyah was 18 when he got his first credit card. “I knew nothing about credit at the time. I was thinking I can just swipe.”

JVS Boston + LISC Create Financial Success: Fritznere’s Story

Fritznere found JVS Boston as he was looking to improve his English, and continue his education. See how he improved his credit score, found a better job, and is now attending college. Fritznere’s story is a result of the Bridges to College program, an initiative of our partner organization, LISC Boston.

Cynthia's Path to Rebuilding Credit

By Marcia Tabenken

“When I started coaching, I had no money in savings, so bringing some income in was key. My improved credit score was like a breath of fresh air—knowing I had something in my toolbox that I could bring out,”

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